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The City Council is the governing body of the City of Salisbury. The Council is comprised of five members who are elected on a non-partisan basis for two-year terms. Each Council member serves at-large and represents the entire City.

The City Council meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Council meetings are open to the public.

Interested in learning about the City of Salisbury's election process? Below is a link to a memo from the City of Salisbury's lawyer to City Council on the election process, and a link to the School of Government on the process of modifying a city's charter:
Memo regarding Election Procedure (PDF)
Modifying A City's Charter

To speak during public comment:

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. Anyone who wishes to speak virtually via Zoom during public comment must sign up by 5 p.m. on the day of the meeting. To sign up, contact City Clerk Connie Snyder at or (704) 638-5234. Those who wish to speak in-person can sign up in Council Chambers. All speakers will have three minutes. The same guidelines apply for those who wish to speak during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Written comments received by 5 p.m. on the day of the meeting will be shared with City Council but not read out loud during the meeting. Additional information on audio access will be shared closer to the meeting date.

Though the meeting will be held in a hybrid format, to remain consistent with limiting physical interactions and the potential spread of COVID-19, the public is invited to attend the meeting virtually.

Watch the meeting via:

To view the full City Council agenda, visit

City Council meetings are recorded and archived using an online video hosting service called Vimeo. Recorded meetings are broadcast on WSRG-TV starting the following Thursday and are posted online to Vimeo as soon as possible.

Visit Video Archive

City Council Meeting 5/21/2024

City Council Meeting 5/21/2024 Read more

5/21/2024 6:00 PM

The City Council meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Council meetings are open to the public.

City Council Meeting 6/4/2024

City Council Meeting 6/4/2024 Read more

6/4/2024 6:00 PM

The City Council meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Council meetings are open to the public.

City Council Meeting 6/18/2024

City Council Meeting 6/18/2024 Read more

6/18/2024 6:00 PM

The City Council meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Council meetings are open to the public.

City Council Meeting 7/16/2024

City Council Meeting 7/16/2024 Read more

7/16/2024 6:00 PM

The City Council meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Council meetings are open to the public.

City Council Meeting 8/6/2024

City Council Meeting 8/6/2024 Read more

8/6/2024 3:00 PM

The City Council meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Council meetings are open to the public.

Contact Us

City Manager's Office:
132 North Main Street
Salisbury, NC 28144

City Clerk's Office:
217 South Main Street
Salisbury, NC 28144
(704) 638-5224

Portrait of Mayor Karen Alexander in front of city seal


Karen K. Alexander

PO Box 479 Salisbury, NC 28145-0479​

Portrait of Mayor Pro Tem Tamara Sheffield in front of city seal


Tamara Sheffield

PO Box 479 Salisbury, NC 28145-0479

Portrait of Council member David Post in front of city seal


David Post

P.O. Box 1666 Salisbury, NC 28145

Portrait of Council Member Anthony Smith


Anthony Smith

PO Box 479 Salisbury, NC 28145-0479

Portrait of Council Member Harry McLaughlin


Harry McLaughlin

PO Box 479 Salisbury, NC 28145-0479

cover of Strategic Plan 2024

Strategic Plan 2024

The City of Salisbury embarked on its first strategic planning process to create a vision and roadmap for achieving long-term success.

Having a clear strategic direction is paramount for any organization as it serves as a guiding framework that aligns efforts with long-term objectives. A well-defined strategic direction fosters a sense of purpose and unity among team members, promoting a shared vision and values and ensuring that all aspects of an organization work cohesively toward a common goal.

Learn More

City Council FAQs

Council-Manager Form of Government

What is a Council-Manager form of government?

The City of Salisbury has had a council-manager form of government since 1927.

The Mayor and City Council are the "board of directors" for the City of Salisbury. City Council sets policy, approves the financing of City operations and enacts ordinances, resolutions and orders. Their responsibilities also include appointing the city manager, city attorney, city clerk and members of various boards and commissions.

The City Manager, functioning as the chief operating officer, administers the policy and decisions made by city council and oversees the day-to-day operations of City government. It is the City Manager's responsibility to ensure that all City services are delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner and to provide vision and leadership to the City organization.

​Duties and Responsibilities

What is the Mayor's role in governing the city?

The Mayor presides at all City Council meetings and officially represents the City at special ceremonies and events. It is the mayor's role to represent the City in an official capacity at the state capital in Raleigh, in Washington and internationally.

What does the Mayor Pro Tem do?

The Mayor Pro Tem is elected by a vote of the City Council members. He or she assumes all duties, powers and obligations of the Office of Mayor in the Mayor's absence.

What are the duties of the Mayor and Council?

Together, the Mayor and City Council members are responsible for establishing the general policies under which the City operates.

These include:
  • appointing the city manager, city attorney and members of various boards and commissions enacting ordinances, resolutions and orders;
  • reviewing the annual budget, setting the tax rate and approving the financing of all City operations; and
  • authorizing contracts on behalf of the City.

What does the City Manager do?

The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City. The City Manager directly supervises key members of the management team. 

​Elections and Voting

How often are council members elected?

Council members are elected every two years in November. Elections take place in odd-numbered years.

How many council members are there?

The Mayor and four at-large council members are elected by a citywide vote.

Where can I get more information about local elections?

Visit the Rowan County Board of Elections website for official information about who's running for office, filing deadlines, voter ID requirements, absentee ballots and more.


When does the City Council meet?

The City Council of Salisbury meets at City Hall (217 South Main Street) every first and third Tuesday of the month. The date of the next upcoming meeting is listed further upon this page.

Can I speak at a City Council meeting?

Citizens have the opportunity to address the mayor and council regarding agenda and non-agenda items, as well as during public hearings. Every City Council meeting opens to public comment at 6:00 p.m. or as close to that time as the agenda allows.

Learn more about how to sign up to speak, the rules of procedure, meeting dates and how to make special accommodations here. It is important to review this information carefully before signing up to speak at a council meeting.

​General Information

How do I contact my Council representative?

Further up on this page is listed all the city council members' contact information. Please note that all correspondence to and from elected officials is considered public information.
Graham Corriher


Graham Corriher

The City Attorney serves as a full-time attorney to manage legal matters in the city.

Corriher, a Rowan County native, is an honors graduate of N.C. State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law. At UNC, he was a Chancellors’ Scholar, a member of the Broun National Trial Team, and articles and notes editor for the law school’s First Amendment Law Review. Prior to attending UNC, he was a social studies teacher at North Rowan High School.

He began his law career with Tharrington Smith, LLP, in Raleigh. In 2014, he moved back to Salisbury, joining Koontz, Smith, & Corriher, as a staff attorney. Corriher has been a partner with The Woodson Firm since 2015. He has previously performed contract work on the city’s behalf.

(704) 638-5309 |

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