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Transit Advertising Policy

Salisbury Transit is a high-impact, high-exposure medium for your business. Located along I-85, mid-way between Greensboro and Charlotte, Salisbury boasts a population of 34,000 active residents. In addition, thousands of visitors journey through our community to attend special events such as the annual Cheerwine Festival, Halloween Funfest, and Wine About Winter.  Advertising with Salisbury Transit increases awareness of your brand to commuters, drivers, families, college students and pedestrians through continuous exposure and the use of large, mobile graphics. Your brand can be a moving billboard, delivering your message throughout Salisbury, Spencer, East Spencer and other municipalities in Rowan County. Exterior and interior space is available, as well as shelter, flyer, and schedule advertising opportunities.

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The City of Salisbury's goal is to provide reliable and efficient public transportation to the community. In order to support the general operations of Salisbury Transit, a transit advertising program is desired to supplement income from federal, state and local funding as well as the farebox and other revenues.


This advertising policy is applicable to the sales and posting of all new advertisements on the interiors and exteriors of municipal transit revenue and service vehicles, structures, publications and other transit assets, here forth referenced as "Transit Facilities."

Declaration of Forum Status

Lending to Salisbury Transit's purpose and the advertising program's sole goal of generating advertising revenue, the transit facilities are declared a "non-public" forum where restrictions on advertising content may be imposed if controversial content is deemed to diminish Salisbury Transit's reputation in the community, negatively affect the provision of transit services or inhibit the sales of advertising. The acceptance of advertising is not intended to create a general public forum for expressive activities soliciting public discourse and debate.


Salisbury Transit will accept commercial advertising, defined as having the purpose of selling or renting products, services or property for a profit. Salisbury Transit will also accept advertising from government and from non-profit organizations as defined under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3) providing social welfare services serving the need of Salisbury Transit riders as well as the overall Salisbury community subject to the restrictions below.

Content Restrictions

The following categories of content are restricted from display on/in Salisbury Transit facilities:

  • Alcohol Products
  • Tobacco Products
  • Political campaigns or issues
  • Non-commercial issues expressing or advocating an opinion, position or viewpoint on matters of public debate about economic, religious or social issues
  • Content that is critical regarding race, national origin, ethnic background, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any federally protected class. Any ad deemed to violate the intent of the above restricted items is prohibited.
  • Content that is derogatory to any place, person or thing.
  • Content that declares or implies endorsement by the City of Salisbury/Salisbury Transit unless approved prior to display
  • Illegal Goods or Services
  • Copyright or trademark violations
  • Obscene materials as defined in North Carolina General Statute Section 14-190.1(b)
  • Offensive materials as would be defined by a reasonably prudent person of average sensitivity including profane, immoral or disreputable language or images
  • Adult entertainment and retail
  • Unlawful conduct
  • Firearms and Weapons
  • Content that is false, misleading or deceptive
  • Content that if displayed would violate any federal or state law or regulation, or any law, regulation or ordinance of any municipality in which the transit facilities reside or traverse
  • Communications vehicles directing viewers to the above restricted content including address, phone, website, social media or QR code

Advertiser, at the discretion of Salisbury Transit may be required to include disclaimer in lower or upper right corner of advertisement stating ad is paid for by advertiser. The disclaimer must be sized to be easily read with remaining ad content.


In the event that content supplied for advertising on transit facilities is rejected, the advertiser has the option to request reconsideration from the Appeals Committee consisting of the Transit Director and Communications Manager. If advertiser is dissatisfied with this level of ruling, an additional appeal can be submitted to the Assistant City Manager. Following rejection at this level, the final appeal may be submitted to the City Manager whose decision will be final.

Advertising Procedure

Individuals, organizations and representative agencies who desire to place advertising with Salisbury Transit are asked to follow the procedure below:

  • Contact the City of Salisbury Transit Director for current space availability. They will need to provide the requested ad type, # of ads, start & ending date and billing information.
  • Sign advertising agreement provided by Salisbury Transit for a minimum run of 4 weeks.
  • As advertiser is responsible for design and printing, provide artwork for approval by Transit Director and/or Communications Manager. If there is a question of appropriate content, the artwork will be reviewed by Assistant City Manager and ultimately, City Manager. Salisbury Transit can provide vendors who can assist with printing services. Any vendor not recommended by Salisbury Transit must be approved prior to use to assure suitability of materials.
  • Supply artwork printed on appropriate display material to Salisbury Transit by the Thursday prior to schedule start. Installations will take place on Sundays unless otherwise agreed.
  • Once invoiced, pay for advertising as directed in correspondence which will include installation and removal costs. If payment is not received when due, advertising is subject to early removal and advertiser will be liable for contracted amount in its entirety.
  • If advertising is purchased by an agency, rates are net to Salisbury Transit. No commissions will be paid or refunded from Salisbury Transit.
  • Note that provision of public transportation services will remain the priority of Salisbury Transit. Therefore, advertisements cannot be guaranteed specific routes or times, and may deviate from scheduled use in case of emergency or other reason without notice.
  • Buses containing advertisements may be removed occasionally from active service for maintenance or repair functions as well as service rotations. Any lost time due to these reasons may be compensated with the extension of current advertising schedule. No refunds of lost time will be provided by Salisbury Transit.


Rates for the leasing of advertising space with Salisbury Transit are available from the office of the Transit Director. The minimum length of advertising is 4 weeks. Salisbury Transit advertising rates may be adjusted for market conditions and other factors by the Transit Director at any time.


ACCESS16 is a local government access TV station found on local channel 16, that provides free PSAs and City information through cable providers Spectrum and Fibrant.

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