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Salisbury is a unique place with a bright future. As development continues to converge on Salisbury, the City faces important issues related to urban growth. The Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan process was initiated to address the City’s challenges and opportunities head-on.

Comprehensive planning is a process to determine a community’s long term goals and aspirations related to the development of the community. The plan itself is designed to guide future actions, specifically how to make decisions on public infrastructure investments, and private land development proposals.

Forward 2040: Salisbury’s Framework for Growth was adopted by City Council on February 21, 2023.

Forward 2040 Logo

Ch. 1: Introduction

Salisbury is a community at a crossroads. As we look ahead to the next twenty years, it will become clear whether the city’s hope for long-term vitality – to be a livable, equitable and prosperous place – is just a dream or a probable future.

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Ch. 2: Vision Statements

The Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan is developed around ten key themes for shaping Salisbury’s future.

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Ch. 3: Responsibly Managed Growth

Salisbury will be a regionally connected community that builds on a historic legacy and strong development standards in order to create a city that grows responsibly with accessible transportation and adequate infrastructure.

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Ch. 4: Context Based Urban Design

Salisbury will be a city of historic and new destinations characterized by a walkable scale, integrated open spaces, and a harmonious built environment.

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Ch. 5: Thriving, Livable Neighborhoods

Salisbury will be a community of safe and livable neighborhoods complete with a diversity of housing choices at all price points.

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Ch. 6: Sustainable, Clean Natural Environment

Salisbury will be a city that positively adapts to the effects of a changing climate with a built environment that enhances and protects the area’s natural resources while also seeking to reduce environmental impacts and increase community resilience to natural disasters.

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Ch. 7: Resilient, Diverse Economy

Salisbury will be a community that fosters opportunities for economic growth and prosperity for all by attracting, cultivating, and retaining a strong and diverse workforce while leveraging local assets and partnerships to promote business vitality and diversity for a resilient local economy.

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Ch. 8: Healthy, Active Community

Salisbury will be an active community with places to recreate, to safely walk or bicycle, and have access to locally grown food which will foster a sense of community and provide a chance for all to live healthier lives.

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Ch. 9: Equitable & Inclusive Community

Salisbury will be a community that works to eliminate disparities in housing, safety, health and opportunity so that all community can thrive regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, country of origin or zip code.

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Ch. 10: Vibrant Community Atmosphere

Salisbury will be a unique and vibrant destination, protecting and leveraging its built heritage and commitment to the arts to develop a rich sense of place. Salisbury will be welcoming to all cultures and provide opportunities for everyone.

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Ch. 11: Unique, Dynamic Downtown

Downtown Salisbury will continue to be the heart and center of the city where history, innovation and the arts animate the City with diversified opportunities to live, work, play and prosper.

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Ch. 12: Local & Regional Partnerships

Salisbury will be a community which thrives when engaged in strong local and regional partnerships, collaboration among citizens, the business community, local educational institutions, non-profits and governments – both in and outside of Rowan County to bolster the City’s opportunities for success.

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Ch. 13: Implementation

While the adoption of Forward 2040 was the result of considerable effort on the part of the City of Salisbury, it is only a beginning.

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Appendix A: 2020 Databook

This document collects and analyzes information from a variety of sources for use in the Forward 2040 Plan.

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Appendix B: Forces, Trends and Directions Report

This report highlights global influences, that often originate from outside of the Salisbury city limits, that will undoubtedly shape the growth and development of the City over the next two decades.

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Appendix C: Policies By Topic

This appendix is not yet complete: coming soon.

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Appendix D: Public Participation

This appendix strives to summarize feedback and comments from various engagement opportunities throughout the development of Forward 2040.

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Appendix E: History and City Form

For Salisbury, four major historic growth periods are identified, which will be the subject of this appendix.

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Appendix F: Placetypes

A Place Type describes an area more holistically and at a larger scale, incorporating guidance for land use, transportation, layout, and design.

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The 5 Phase Process is Phase 1: Visioning, Phase 2: Policy Framework, Phase 3: Draft Plan, Phase 4: Adoption, and Phase 5: Implementation

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