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Help Us Mark Storm Water Drains!

Our storm drain program gives an opportunity to volunteers to help install signs on storm drains located throughout the City of Salisbury. The purpose of this program is to remind residents that anything entering a storm drain will flow directly into the nearest stream, river, or lake. If you or your organization would like to help mark drains, please contact us at (704) 216-8028.

The storm drainage system is often mistaken as a part of the sewer system. Picking up trash and pollutants along the way, stormwater flows into a storm drain and travels through underground pipes directly to the nearest body of water. Stormwater commonly carries fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria, oil, leaves and grass clippings and it is not treated before entering a creek, stream, river or reservoir. Citizens enjoying and wildlife living in and around the water body are directly impacted by this untreated runoff. We must make every effort to reduce unwanted pollution from making its way into a storm drain.

Storm drain marking includes inserting a labeled plaque above the drain to inform unaware citizens not to dump pollutants. Stormwater Services provides ‘No Dumping’ plaques to our citizens at no charge. You can contact us to get your group involved in a storm drain marking project in your area.

Contact Us

Stormwater Technician

Michael Hanna
(704) 216-8028

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