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The Human Resources department provides a centralized source of support and assistance to the City related to its need for the management of human resources.

Human Resource Management

Specific functions include providing general personnel administration, recruitment and selection, training and development, health and wellness, employee relations, compensation and benefits administration, Human Relations Council, Youth Council, and a city-wide customer service program.

Risk Management

The Risk Management division provides services for the municipality that includes safety, liability insurance management, worker’s compensation, OSHA compliance, and third party claims against the City. In addition, this department implements goals and special projects as may be assigned by the City Council.

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132 N. Main St. (2nd Floor)
Salisbury, NC 28144

Office Hours:
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Administration: (704) 638-5217
Fax: (704) 638-8454

Ruth Kennerly


Ruth Kennerly

(704) 638-2168 |

Ruth’s responsibilities include complex, professional work planning, organizing and directing the activities of the Human Resources Department including recruitment and selection, affirmative action, safety and worker's compensation and employee benefits administration, assisting the city manager with general management, supervision and coordinating the activities various city departments, citizens, other governmental organizations and outside agencies, and related work as apparent or assigned.

Souwan Kiengkham


Souwan Kiengkham

(704) 638-2116 |


Jennifer Silvia


Jennifer Silvia

(704) 638-5215 |

Jennifer is responsible for benefits administration, and retirement.

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Leigh Ellington

(704) 638-5226 |

Risk Management is to provide a safe environment for its employees and the public it serves. This Office is responsible for mitigating the City's exposure to risk by managing the city's self-insurance program, purchasing insurance to protect its assets, actively managing liability and workers' compensation claims filed against the City, and implementing safety and loss control programs.

  • Administers property, general liability and workers' compensation claims
  • Promotes safety programs for City Employees, which helps minimize injury claims and ensure public safety by regularly conducting safety inspections, safety committee meetings, and training sessions
  • Assist City departments with matters relating to insurance and risk analysis
  • Ensures that all vendors who provide services for the City have appropriate insurance coverage


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