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Thinking of starting your new business in Salisbury? Use our New Business Checklist so that you can hit the ground running:

Download Checklist (PDF)

Starting New or Expanding A Business

Zoning Considerations

  • Is the use permitted in the zoning area?
  • Are there any restrictions on the location?
  • Is the location in a designated floodplain?
  • What are the parking requirements?
  • What sign types/sizes can be installed?

Building Code Considerations

  • Is the business permitted in the building?
  • Are modifications or renovations required?
  • Does the building meet fire codes?
  • What are the occupancy requirements?
  • Is a seating layout and occupant load required?
  • Do I need to construct a new building?
  • Does the building/property meet ADA accessibility requirements?

Engineering Considerations

  • Will the project require professionally designed plans?

Located In A Historic District

  • Certificate of Appropriateness required for all site and/or exterior building activity.

Home Business or Employer Provided Form 1099

  • A home occupation permit is required.

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