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What is the Tree Board?

The Salisbury Tree Board advocates the planting, preservation and planting of trees on public rights-of-way and public properties.

The Tree Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. via scheduled Zoom meeting. Please contact a Staff Liaison for a meeting link.

Tree Canopy Assessment Report

The Tree Canopy Assessment was a 50/50 match grant from the NC Forest Service and the NC Urban Forest Council. The total assessment was $13,402.16, and Salisbury was awarded $6,701.08. The report determined that the City of Salisbury is approximately 14,721 acres with a tree canopy covering 6,625 acres (45%). Since 2014, the City has gained 1% of canopy coverage or 152 acres.

This report also went into detail pertaining to our tree canopy cover of our parks and neighborhoods. There is an average canopy cover of 44% over all of Salisbury’s Parks. 40% of the combined parks area was deemed suitable for possible planting. When looking at Salisbury’s 82 neighborhoods, 36 of them had a decrease in canopy cover, while 30 had an increase in canopy cover. The remaining neighborhoods stayed relatively stable.

The ecosystem benefits calculated from this study are:

  • Air Quality;
      $853,855.00 (493,499 lbs. of pollution removed annually).
  • Stormwater Reduction;
      $485,869.00 (54 million gallons of runoff prevented annually).
  • Carbon Sequestration:
      $2,125,240.00 (12,461 tons of carbon sequestered annually).
  • Carbon Storage:
      $42,302,210.00 (248,033 tons of carbon stored in the urban forest).
  • $3,464,964 Annual Benefits
      (Air Quality, Stormwater and Carbon Sequestration).
  • $45,767,173 Total Benefits
      (Total Annual Benefits Plus Stored Carbon).

Contact Us

Staff Liaisons

Allie Thies, Sustainability Coordinator
(704) 638-2098

Stephen Brown, Landscape Architect
Certified City Arborist
(704) 638-4481

«May 2024»
5/15/2024 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Tree Board Meetings

The Tree Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. via Zoom meeting.

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