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What is the BCJI Program?

The Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BCJI) Program is a strategic approach to crime reduction that leverages community knowledge and expertise by focusing on community-led efforts, working with law enforcement and other local partners to support prevention and intervention efforts on neighborhoods where crime is concentrated or crime “hotspots.” The BCJI Program is operated by the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

The Salisbury Police Department successfully applied for a grant from BCJI program as part of the West End Initiative. BCJI projects include:

  • Leveraging community knowledge and expertise for crime reduction
  • Local partners to support prevention and intervention

SPD Announces WEST END Byrne Criminal Justice Initiative Grant awardees

The West End Salisbury Transformed Empowered Neighborhood Development (WEST END) Byrne Criminal Justice Initiative (BCJI) local grant awardees have been announced. Salisbury agencies participating in the “Summer Youth and Family Capacity Program” are local, non-profit organizations developing community-led initiatives and programs that are youth and family-focused. Recipients will receive grants of up to $20,000.

Nine West End residents and civic stakeholders served on the WEST END Grant Selection Committee that reviewed more than 40 grant applications. Twenty-three awardees were selected. Program goals for the initiatives are to promote neighborhood stability and crime prevention.

“We appreciate the many organizations that applied for the Byrne Criminal Justice Initiative local grant to help positively impact the West End neighborhood,” said Police Major Corey Brooks, BCJI coordinator. “There were several strong grant applications. Salisbury Police and its partners are excited about the Summer Youth and Family Capacity Program through which these 23 agencies will work to uplift the community. We hope these organizations will continue to support the West End in strengthening community pride.”

The U.S. Department of Justice's $800,000 BCJI Grant was awarded to the Salisbury Police Department, in partnership with Salisbury Parks and Recreation and Planning and Neighborhoods departments more than three years ago. In that time, coordinators have completed neighborhood research, conducted resident engagement sessions, and started the process of a formal West End Neighborhood Organization.


A Bridge 4 Kids Inc

Program Name: A BRIDGE 4 KIDS
Contact: Johnson, Erika

A Bridge 4 Kids Inc. is an organization that was founded by a local West End child (Brooklynne Witherspoon) who wanted to make an impact in her community by helping bridge the gap between local law enforcement and children. The idea for this program came to fruition after witnessing some of the events that had taken place in our city such as a spike in crime over the last few years. We mentor ages 5-17 weekly on bullying, lifeskills, and proper etiquette. Our program feeds each child a snack as well as a meal each evening.

ApSeed Early Childhood Education

Program Name: Planting Seedlings & Growing Learners in Rowan County
Contact: Mohammad, Shelby

ApSeed Early Childhood Education's (ApSeed) mission is to empower all children to be kindergarten ready. Established in 2016, ApSeed is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Salisbury, North Carolina that is actively working to plant the seeds of learning early, so that all children, regardless of their socioeconomic status, enter kindergarten ready to learn. Founded by former North Carolina State Board of Education member Greg Alcorn, ApSeed uses innovative touchpad technology and parent/teacher support in early childhood learning environments to address the literacy and language gap that exists between disadvantaged and well-resourced communities across North Carolina and beyond.

Capstone Recovery Center Inc

Program Name: Brighter Minds For A Better Tomorrow
Contact: Ramirez, Miriam

Capstone Recovery Center Inc. provides a safe, faith-based environment where women whose lives have been affected by prescription/illicit substance abuse as well as deteriorated mental health due to substance abuse, and/or other life-controlling issues, are educated and encouraged to lead fully functional lives as productive citizens in the community.

Communities In Schools of Rowan County

Program Name: My Future Me
Contact: Davis, James

The My Future Me Summer Program is tailored for high school students eager to explore college and career paths, guiding them in developing a well-informed post-graduation plan. The program covers personal and professional growth, including career exploration, financial literacy, and community engagement. The CIS Rowan My Future Me Program is a holistic approach, combining career exploration, financial literacy, community involvement, and a college tour to prepare high school students for a successful future comprehensively. Three program dates on June 13th, 20th, and 27th feature engaging workshops, interactive discussions, and hands-on activities focused on college exploration and career guidance. The initiative aims to nurture well-rounded individuals who are academically successful and ready to thrive in the dynamic landscape of higher education and beyond.

Essie Academy

Program Name: Young Scientist in STEM and Entrepreneurship Summer Camp
Contact: Wallace, Tina

Essie Academy will provide a seven-week summer program focused in STEM and Entrepreneurship through the study of hydroponics and/or aquaponics. Entrepreneur development will include writing a small business plan to market products and career exploration. The students will use technology devices such as laptops to obtain scientific research and engage in activities related to hydroponics/aquaponics, develop healthy eating skills and environmental conservation and sustainability. The students will also use the laptops to write the business plan and develop a post-program presentation.

Families and Communities Together

Program Name: F.A.C.T. (Families and Communities Together) Social Service Initiatives

Families and Communities Together (F.A.C.T.), a non-profit Social Services Committee of the Zion Hill Apartments, Inc., was organized in 2012 as an outreach program for the residents of Zion Hill Apartments, Salisbury, NC, and currently has extended its outreach to all the communities of Salisbury. The focus of this outreach program is to enhance the lives of the families of Zion Hill Apartments and the communities of Salisbury by a) providing information on community services available, and b) sponsoring programs that educate and empower families. Nearly every month a program is offered to educate and promote lifelong learning skills. During June, a week-long Reading, Science, and Creative Expressions Camp is offered for school-aged children & youth. In June or July, a week-long Skills and Drills Basketball and Cheerleading Camp is also offered for youth and children. All programs and activities provided by or sponsored by F.A.C.T. are free to the participants.

Families First - NC, Inc.

Program Name: Building Healthy Life Skills for our Youth and Families
Contact: Sherrill, Jeannie

We have partnered with Triumph Support Group to provide our services at the Miller Center. We will share the schedule (Triumph on Mondays and Wednesdays and Families First on Tuesdays and Thursdays) from 11:00 - 4:00 each day. The goal is to provide comprehensive sexual health education, support academic achievement, encourage communication between teens and their parents, and build self confidence among participants. To achieve this goal, we utilize a curriculum known as the 3 R's (Rights, Respect, and Responsibility) in a group setting that allows students to feel safe and provide peer to peer support for one another.

Gethsemane Missionary Baptist church- Outreach House

Program Name: Gethsemane Outreach of Westside
Contact: Steele, Ruby

The Gethsemane Outreach House is located in the heart of Westside community and it is open for everyone in Rowan County that needs assistance with their food shortage during a month. The location is in the community for several reasons and they are: 1. Assist with family that do not own a car but are able to walk 2. The need for privacy and to give positive about the need for assistance , 3. Close to a bus line and other transportation issues. The program is in partnership with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina for the buying of food, Household items,personal items and treats for household that have children.

Happy Roots

Program Name: West End Community Garden
Contact: Honbarrier, Ashley

At least once a week, we will provide staff at West End Community Garden to teach garden activities, play games, have water days and picnics. Miller Teen Center has provided a Letter of Support offering their facility for restrooms (since there is only one portajohn at the park), adequate shelter in case of a storm/inclement weather, and a kitchen to prepare and cook garden produce. We will provide snacks and drinks on these days as well as local farm food bags. We will partner with other groups such as Rowan Soil and Water Conversation on specific educational activities, Master Gardeners on topics like pollinators and native plants, Heart-Centered Horsemanship for yoga and mindfulness, to name a few. We can also teach vocational skills like building garden beds and landscaping. We even have enough equipment to support neighborhood youth starting a summer lawncare business.

Livingstone College

Program Name: Livingstone College Summer Music Camp
Contact: Wallace, Kody

The Livingstone College Summer Music Camp provides a summer music enrichment opportunity for the West End community. Through this program, students gain meaningful knowledge from field experts in music performance, music theory, and music history. Participants are able to choose from various tracks, including choral, instrumental, and keyboard, which are tailored with faculty members that specialize in their chosen field.The capstone of the five-day camp is a performance for the community that demonstrates the musical skills gained through the camp.

Livingstone College Education Department

Program Name: Developing Literacy through Creating My Own Library
Contact: Roper, Charlease

It is our goal to host a "Read In" with students in Rowan County and additiona laccess for those in the West End Community due to location of the event. Livingstone students will welcome younger scholars into the gym and read to them, after which the young scholars will have the opportunity to choose books to make a part of their personal home libraries. To encourage parents to be reading models in their homes, there will be books parents may choose from to read at home and make a part of their personal libraries. Livingstone students will share a handout with parents they can reference afterwards which will highlight facts, figures, and ideas to support and encourage reading at home. This event will support students, families, schools, and the community by increasing literacy rates for all members of families.

Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church

Program Name: MZMBC Summer Enrichment Program
Contact: Avery, Nilous

Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Salisbury NC, Inc. (MZMBC), Rowan County-based 501c3, will provide a summer enrichment program for 2024. Our summer enrichment program’s model has two basic components: academics (preparing our participants for the upcoming school year through reviewing mathematics and reading concepts) and enrichment (introducing new experiences and cultural activities through fun play, field trips, and speakers/demonstrations). This program will target middle school students from Salisbury’s West End area and operate from June 2024 through August 2024, Monday through Friday.

Next Generation Academy

Program Name: Next Generation Academy
Contact: Morris, Romar

Our organizational core services include comprehensive youth development programs, excellence-driven academic initiatives, competitive sports activities, faith-based enrichment, and leadership opportunities. These services collectively aim to nurture the holistic growth of Rowan County's youth, fostering skills, values, and community engagement for an impactful future. The central camp location will be the Media Center, which will serve as our primary meeting ground for guest speakers and STEM activities. Additionally, we will utilize the classroom space to divide the three age groups into different sections. We will also have access to the athletic facilities on campus, including the football stadiums for morning meetups and team-building activities, as well as the gym and track for students to enjoy during their free time.

Power Cross

Program Name: Summer Safe Haven
Contact: Storment, Natalie

Power Cross serves Iredell and Rowan Counties with around 300 males annually who are between the ages of six to college age. Summer is a perfect time for students to catch up academically. Programs include academic development and advancement, athletic training and development, daily bible studies and discipleship, college readiness and preparation, meal programming and nutritional support, and mentoring. We utilize tutors and IXL, an online personalized learning tool that uses K-12 Curriculum and real-time analytics in reading and math. Our Campus Academic Advisor chooses a book for students to read and discuss during academic time.

Rowan County Crosby Scholars Community Partnership

Program Name: Crosby Scholars - Try It Tuesday Summer Program
Contact: Vess, Jessica

Rowan County Crosby Scholars proposes a summer program called "Try It Tuesday." As an organization deeply committed to promoting educational attainment, career exploration, and community engagement, we are excited to present this innovative program aimed at Middle School students from the West End District of Salisbury.

Rowan-Cabarrus YMCA

Program Name: West End Youth Outreach 2024
Contact: Ward, Laurie

Summer Camp: May 28–August 9, 2024/6:30a.m.-6:00p.m. Free 10-week camp enrollment for seven students. Camp enrichment activities/centers include: arts/humanities; character development; cultural diversity; health/fitness; reading; STEM; volunteering/serving; bully prevention; swimming; group exercise classes; and social competence/conflict resolution. Camp kids spend their day being active; building confidence, independence & resiliency; unplugging from technology; learning social skills; and building friendships. Leaders-In-Training: May–September 2024. 15 middle/high-school students will gather bi-weekly for workshops/trips.

Royal House Community Tutoring

Program Name: Royal House Community Tutoring
Contact: Becton, Ericka

Our program seeks to provide continuous academic assistance to low performing scholars. By offering after-school tutoring sessions and extending support during long breaks exceeding two days consecutively. As well as throughout the summer breaks from May through September. This extended timeframe is crucial in ensuring that students receive consistent support beyond the regular school schedule. RHCT's objectives include not only academic assistance but also a reduction in the learning gap for minority scholars. By providing a supportive and engaging learning environment, we aim to make the learning experience more enjoyable and relevant for students in their school classroom.

Salisbury-Rowan NAACP

Program Name: Operation THINK
Contact: Black, Gemale

Operation Think, formerly known as Salisbury Cease Fire, is an innovative program created to combat crime in our city by addressing its root causes and fostering community collaboration. Utilizing data-driven strategies, the Salisbury-Rowan NAACP and Salisbury Police Department collaborate to utilize a multi-faceted approach to addressing violence in Salisbury. The Community Reset Team is deployed before, during, and after violent events to maintain peace and facilitate communication between law enforcement and residents. In addition to immediate intervention, Operation Think prioritizes prevention strategies such as organizing seminars, community engagement events, and educational initiatives aimed at raising awareness and empowering community members. By fostering a sense of belonging and support, both law enforcement and the Salisbury-Rowan NAACP seek to create a safer and more cohesive community environment within the West End.

The Bread Riot

Program Name: Mobile Vegetable Market
Contact: Hoy, Dottie

Many people do not have access to fresh produce, whether because of transportation or cost. Our Mobile Market will set up once a week in an accessible location. Our produce will be fresh from local farmers. Our volunteers will set up containers on tables and offer it to customers. Our motto will be "Take what you need; Give what you can". Produce will include items such as tomatoes, sweet corn, squash, peppers, greens, blueberries, onions, okra and other seasonal produce.

The Pedal Factory

Program Name: Let's Ride West End
Contact: Rosser, Mary

The Pedal Factory's Let's Ride West End program is a transformative initiative aimed at empowering West End community residents with essential skills while fostering a deeper appreciation for their historic surroundings. Throughout 10 engaging sessions, participants will not only learn the fundamentals of bicycle upkeep but also embark on guided rides exploring the rich heritage of local historic sites. Each session will blend hands-on instruction with interactive learning, equipping residents with the knowledge and confidence to troubleshoot common bicycle issues, perform basic repairs, and maintain their bikes for optimal performance and safety.


Program Name: Brenner Crossing Tutor Time Summer Program
Contact: Tindal, Jill

Tindal Touched tutors and volunteers will visit the Brenner Crossing neighborhood clubhouse Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30 until 1:30 to offer math and reading tutoring for the children in the neighborhood during the weeks of July 22nd-26th and 29th-August 1st 2024. According to, Rowan Salisbury Schools has an overall rating of 35% proficiency in Reading and a 26% proficiency in Math. These scores justify the need for some type academic enrichment going into the new school year. Therefore, our tutors will work with students with a refresher on skills from previous grade levels as well as encourage them to try skills in their grade level for school year 2024-2025. Students will work one-on-one and in small groups with tutors. The students will receive an online account from IXL, as well as all other materials that will be used for the tutoring sessions. In conjunction with tutoring, students will be allowed to play a variety of learning games to help them improve social & emotional skills, conflict resolution skills and academic skills. Tindal Touched Inc. will also provide students with a mid-morning snack and noonday lunch on the days of program sessions.

Triumph Support Group

Program Name: Triumph Summer Enrichment Program
Contact: McDaniel, Judy

Triumph Support Group, LLC is looking forward to implementing a summer program in the West End Community of Salisbury. Our summer program is designed to engage middle and high school students in a hands-on learning experience. These topics are fitness, nutrition, mental health, and resources. Each topic will consist of a hands-on activity and incorporating speakers for each topic. The summer program will operate Monday and Wednesday from 11 am-4 pm. Our goal is to help improve the lives of our youth through positive reinforcement and exposure. The skills that they learn during this program will enable them to carry these skills and knowledge home to their families and friends. Also, these learning experiences will help participants decide what they would like to do as a career path. Our targeted age group is middle school; however, high school students are welcome to attend. Triump Support Group, LLC will facilitate the implementation of the topics indicated through partnerships and community involvement.

Westside after School /Summer Programs

Program Name: Flashing Lights on: R-Reading and English Y Science and Social Studies and G - Math and Arts
Contact: Steele, Ruby

The program's core services consist of remediation of past educational skills, reinforcement of skills for the next grade level and individualized tutors with retired or current teachers. The retired educators will work on character education, social skills development, and mentoring opportunities to help students develop into outstanding students. These opportunities assist with character education, social skills development and mentoring opportunities to help students develop into outstanding students. These opportunities will plant a seed that they will carry throughout their lives.

The BCJI Model

Place-based Strategy:

  • Focus on a specific location within a community to direct resources
  • Enhance environment factors to prevent crime concerns

Build Partnerships and Trust:

  • Cross-sector partnerships Trust among partners, community, and police

Community Engagement:

  • Understanding gaps in services, strategies, and partners

Data & Evidence Driven:

  • Evidence-based solutions and programs

BCJI Goals and Expected Outcomes

Establish community-led council(s)

  • Assist the planning team in identifying needs, services, and/or programs
  • Support decision making on implementing or enhancing services and programs

Use grant funding to jump-start or enhance programs and services

  • Informed by community needs
  • Detailed sustainability plans

Community violence intervention plans and actions

  • Increased community collaboration
  • Measured impacts to individuals and neighborhood


Does a church that doesn’t have a 501 c3 still be eligible to apply for a grant without a having a fiduciary?

All religious institutions will need to apply with a fiduciary agent/ fiscal partner if the institution does not have 501 c3 status of it’s own.

Does it matter what type of 501c3 your non-profit is identified to apply?

There aren't any qualification about which type 501 c3 may apply.

Are we able to create a profile in advance in community force?

No, you can not create a profile in the community force grant submission platform before the grant opens.

How many unincorporated organizations or groups can a 501c3 be a fiscal sponsor for?

There is currently not a limitation on how many unincorporated groups a 501c3 many sponsor. That is up to the discretion of the 501 c3 organization.

Does the applicant have to rely solely on the data on the BCJI project website?

No, As long as your data comes from a reputable source (research, academia, government reports, nonprofit publications, case studies, etc.).

Is it mandatory to have a website or is a Facebook page sufficient?

A website is not required for this application and a social media page link is sufficient, but it is not required.

What is the website to find out statistical data on youth and families in the west end area of Salisbury?

If the requested amount is less than $20,000, but we need all the funding we ask for, should we check "partial funding" or not?

If the applicant needs less than $20,000 but needs all the funding being requested, then check ‘no’ when you reach the question “Is this project willing to accept partial funding?

Is this a reimbursement grant? Do we receive the funds before or after project expenses?

All awardees will receive the full grant amount upon being awarded.

Is there a fee for Solicitation License?

The current fee for the NC Secretary of State Solicitation License is $200. This grant will no longer require the license at the time of the application, but we will require the applicant to acquire the license before October 11, 2024. If the 501 c3 does not have a current solicitation license then it may put the fee into the overall project grant budget.

Find more about the Solicitation License Here:

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