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Linda R. Davis
(704) 638-5250

About Old Lutheran Cemetery

Established in 1768 by John Lewis Beard. It is located at 515 N. Lee Street, consists of 2.75 acres and is closed for burials/historic.

John Lewis Beard had his daughter buried on his home property around 1755 because there were no public burying grounds at that time. In order to protect her resting place for years to come, he deeded a tract of land to the German Lutheran Church for the purpose of establishing a church and graveyard. His daughter’s body was moved to the cemetery, thus becoming the first cemetery in Salisbury. A little frame church was erected shortly after 1768 near the grave of Beard’s daughter and soon other graves appeared. There are Revolutionary and Confederate soldiers buried there along with many leading families of Rowan: Beard, Henderson, Caldwell, Brown, Murphy, Hamilton, Fisher, Locke, Boyden, Chambers, Troy and numerous others. St. John’s Lutheran Church deeded the property to the City in 1980.

The Confederate statue “FAME” that had stood in a median at the corner of W. Innes and Church Streets in Salisbury for more than 100 years was moved to its permanent home in the Old Lutheran Cemetery in July 2021. She is surrounded by an iron fence and overlooks the graves of the soldiers for which she was originally created.

Famous Internment:

Boyden, Nathaniel

b. August 16, 1796 d. November 20, 1873

U.S. Congressman. Taking the call at the advent of the War of 1812, he enlisted at age 16 and served as a Private in the US Army. After the war, he graduated from Union College, New York, in 1821, moved to North Carolina, in 1822, taught school for several years, studied law, was admitted to the bar and practiced law in Stokes County. He was a member of the North Carolina State House of Commons, (1838-40) and served in the North Carolina State Senate in 1844. In 1847, he was elected as a Whig to the Thirtieth Congress, serving until 1849. Not a candidate for re-nomination, he resumed the practice of law and was a member of the North Carolina State constitutional convention of 1865. Upon the readmission of North Carolina to the Union for representation, he was elected as a Conservative to the Fortieth Congress, serving (1868-69). After his term, he was elected associate justice of the supreme court of North Carolina in 1872 and served until his death at age 77.

Cemetery Policies



The City of Salisbury Cemetery Division reserves the right to regulate the method of decorating graves so that a safe and historical uniform beauty may be maintained.

  • Floral arrangements accompanying the casket or urn at the time of burial will be placed on the completed grave. They will remain there for approximately one week, at which time the Cemetery staff will remove and discard them. If the family wants to keep any of the grave arrangements, they should be removed before that one week is up. If circumstances prevent the family from removing any flowers, etc. from the grave site, please call the Cemetery office at 704-638-5250 before the one week time frame has passed to make other arrangements.
  • The City of Salisbury is not responsible for any floral or tributes placed on a grave plot. If missing or stolen, you may file a police report by calling the Salisbury Police Department at 704-638-5333.
  • Glass, statues, rocks, metal or wood products, toys, life-size decorations, solar lights, Christmas lights, bricks, benches and other potential projectiles are not permitted on cemetery plots at any time. The Management reserves the right to remove any items that do not conform to these limitations. This is for the safety of our crews since lawn mowers and weed eaters may come into contact with items placed on graves. If so placed and damage does occur, the Cemetery shall not be held responsible.
  • All floral arrangements must be in a permanent vase, on a saddle or in a hard plastic cone vase that sticks into the ground. If placed otherwise, and your flowers are damaged due to contact with our equipment, the Cemetery shall not be held responsible.
  • An "Annual Cemetery Cleanup" is performed once a year. You can call the Cemetery office at (704) 638-5250 to find out the definite date. Signage will be placed on large blue signs at each entrance of each cemetery approximately two months prior to the cleanup to alert lot owners of the beginning and end date of the cleanup. During cleanup week, any items located on grave plots including flowers, decorations, etc. will be removed and discarded. If you wish to retain any items, please remove them before the cleanup week. After the end date of the cleanup, you can place your flowers back on your plot.
  • The City maintains 7 cemeteries and takes pride in keeping them looking neat. The mowing schedule allows each cemetery to be mowed every other week which is usually sufficient for each cemetery to look good until we get back to it. Please bear with us at times as rain and the crew having to stop to open and close graves plays a major role in keeping the schedule on time.

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