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The City of Salisbury GIS Division serves as the coordinating body for mapping and location data analysis for departments within the City. The GIS Division is committed to the maintenance and development of accurate geospatial data within the City of Salisbury. Every department utilizes GIS data to visualize trends in order to make informed decisions that continue and improve the current level of service to the citizens of Salisbury.

The GIS Division is a central point of contact for citizens to quickly and easily access accurate and current geographic information and geospatial data.

Maps Open Data Hub

Discover free public data, tools, and resources from City of Salisbury, North Carolina GIS.

Categories: Browse data by categories including property, boundaries, planning & zoning, transportation, public works, and recreation.

Open Data: Anyone can use open data at no cost. Download raw data and share your insights with your community or build new applications that serve specific audiences.

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This is a citizen service request and reporting tool built in-house by the City of Salisbury’s GIS Division. Salisbury 311 allows community members to be involved with the upkeep of their city by submitting problems or observations to city staff. Submissions by users become work orders that are then e-mailed to the appropriate city department.

Salisbury 311 Reporting Tool Screenshot
  • Overgrown Grass
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Broken/Out Street Lights
  • ADA/Accessibility Issues
  • Missing Road Signs
  • Pot Holes
  • City Code Infractions
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Environmental Health Issues
Open Reporting Tool

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Levi Coldiron, GIS

(704) 638-5246 |

Addressing Administrator

Other Resources

The following links are provided for your use in acquiring or accessing online GIS data.

My Neighborhood Services

This application helps residents locate a government facility and available services provided by the City of Salisbury. it is typically used by residents, but can be used by visitors to locate a library or post office.

Screenshot of My  Neighborhood Services application

My Curbside Services

With this custom application, citizens can enter their address in the Find Address box to obtain information on the waste collection day for their address.


Screenshot of My Curbside Services application

ArcGIS Online Maps

Address, Street and Parcel Search

Basic Information Search Application Screenshot

Annexation Time Lapse

Annexation Time Lapse Screenshot

Bus Routes Map

bus routes map screenshot

Salisbury Cemeteries

Cemetery Search Application Screenshot

Downtown Municipal Service District

Downtown Municipal Service District Screenshot

Historic Districts

Historic Districts Map Screenshot

Historic Register Sites

Historic Register Sites map screenshot

Historic Resources

Historic Resources map screenshot

Municipal Buildings

Municipal Buildings map screenshot

Parks and Recreation

Parks & Recreation Information Search Application Screenshot

Revitalization Neighborhoods

Revitalization Neighborhoods Map

Zoning Map

Zoning map screenshot

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