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About the Foundation

The Police Foundation is an incredibly valuable asset to the Salisbury Police department and to all of City of Salisbury. With their support, we’re able to train, equip, and assist our officers in a way that allows them to be more efficient and effective.

The Foundation is working to enhance the wellness of our employees so they can provide the best policing possible. Our community values their police officers and the Foundation is one way they can express that support. The Foundation will work with our department to make Salisbury a safer place for all of us, and we are grateful for their partnership.


The Foundation is currently fundraising to renovate the Police department's gym and fitness equipment.

Physical fitness is an important aspect of an officer's ability to fulfill their duties as well as maintain their health. The department has received donations of gym equipment over time, but many of donations have deteriorated in condition with time and use. Also, much of the electric powered equipment shown in the photo gallery is not working.

The goal of this fundraising effort is to buy new equipment and provide officers with a better looking and more efficient gym that meets their needs.

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