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The City of Salisbury Housing Code requires homeowners and landlords to maintain their homes/properties to a minimum standard.

What are some examples of Housing Code Violations?

For a complete list of minimum standards for housing, please refer to Chapter 10, Article IV of the Salisbury City Code:

Unsafe Conditions

Property owner granted 48 hours to correct

  • Blocked entry/egress
  • Presence of raw sewage
  • Inoperable smoke/CO detectors
  • Accumulation of garbage
  • Presence of flammables or combustibles

Unsafe Conditions

Property owner granted 48 hours to demonstrate or communicate a solution

  • Inoperable heating systems during winter
  • No potable water service
  • No electricity
  • Unsafe mechanical equipment
  • Unsafe cooking equipment
  • Immediate possibility of collapse due to failing or failed structural systems
  • Exposed electrical wiring or overloaded circuits
  • Missing roof, or part of roof
  • Lack of interior walls to prevent the spread of fire
  • Holes in flooring system that could cause collapse

Minor Violations

  • Foundations: load supporting; reasonable dry, substantially weather tight
  • Exterior Walls: reasonably weather tight, siding kept in repair (no rot, holes), maintain skirting
  • Roofs: structurally sound, prevent rain or dampness
  • Attics: adequate ventilation
  • Insulation: Minimum of 4 inch thickness
  • Egress: Maintained per building code
  • Stair, porches: load supporting; reasonably uniform risers, minimum dimension for a landing
  • Protective railings
  • Windows: weather-tight, watertight and rodent-proof with glass or approved substitute; operable locks

For a complete list, refer to Chapter 10, Article IV of the Salisbury City Code

Is the presence of mold a Housing Code Violation?

No. While the presence of some molds can be unsafe to those with certain health conditions, it is not regulated in Salisbury City Code. Those concerned with mold should contact a private mold remediation specialist to identify the strain of mold.

How do I file a minimum housing complaint?

Tenants who believe a minimum housing code violation exist in their home should call 704-216-7574 to request an inspection.

What is the Inspection/Enforcement Process?

  • Following a complaint, a certified Minimum Housing Inspector will request an inspection of the property
  • The inspector will contact the property owner with the inspection results and give an opportunity to make necessary repairs
  • If repairs are not made, the property owner will be issued a Notice of Violation with a compliance period
  • If compliance is not reached penalties are issued.

Abandoned Housing

Residential structures that are vacant and abandoned are vulnerable to break-ins, criminal activity, destruction, fire and other unsafe activities. They attract and/or cause blight to surrounding properties. Section 10-61 of the Salisbury City Code requires that homes that are abandoned have secured windows and doors to prevent further deterioration or illegal activity.

Salisbury City Code defines an Abandoned Dwelling as: “a dwelling that has not been occupied or used, by its owner or by some person acting under authority of its owner, for a continuous period of thirty (30) days or longer AND which is determined by the minimum housing inspector to be unfit for human habitation or occupancy based upon the standards as set forth in this article.” (City Code Section 10-5)

To report an Abandoned House, please contact (704) 216-7574.

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