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What is Code Services?

Our mission and purpose is to enforce the codes of the City of Salisbury and improve the quality of life within our community through ensuring that our community is visually appealing, clean and safe.

FY 2022-2023 Demolition List

The City of Salisbury regulates minimum housing standards to ensure that all housing opportunities in our city are safe, clean, and habitable – regardless of ownership status. In general, a deteriorated house is one that can, under normal circumstances, be repaired or rehabilitated because the repairs may be less than 50% of the value. A dilapidated house is one that may require significant repairs, or even demolition, because the repair costs exceed 50% of the value.

FY 2022-2023 Housing Scheduled for Demolition:

  • 1300 N Main St/Historic HPC DELAY
  • 1008 N Main St/Historic SOLD 7-19-22
  • 516 E Lafayette St
  • 37 Knox St
  • 1716 N Lee St
  • 1132 Forestdale Dr
  • 509 E Fisher St/ Historic
  • 419 E Fisher St/Historic
  • 410 Vance Ave
  • 9 Cooper St
  • 1402 Old Concord Rd Fire Damage
  • 1035 Old Plank Rd
  • 1113 Old Plank Rd
  • 200 Mitchell Ave
  • 801 N Fulton St
  • 419 S Craige St/Fire damage
  • 610 Little St/Fire damage
  • 230 W Henderson St/Fire damage
  • 1405 W Bank St
  • 216 Institute St
  • 1132 Grady St
  • 918 Newsome Rd
  • 405 Bringle Ferry Rd
  • 508 Milford Hills Rd/Fire damage
  • 233 Nesbit Ave
  • 518 Foster Ln
  • 300 HARREL ST
  • 415 PEARL ST
  • 412 PEARL ST

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Code Services:
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Mailing Address:
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This Land Development Ordinance (LDO) seeks to implement the policy recommendations of the Salisbury Vision 2020 Comprehensive Plan as adopted by the Salisbury City Council on March 20, 2001. 

This document establishes the collective vision of how the citizens of Salisbury would like to have their city look and function by the year 2020.

LDO Documents (PDF)

LDO Online (Searchable)

Municipal Code

The Municipal Code constitutes a complete recodification of the general and permanent ordinances of the City of Salisbury, North Carolina.

This online document has chapters that have been conveniently arranged in alphabetical order and the various sections within each chapter have been catchlined to facilitate usage.

A table listing the state law citations and setting forth their location within the Code is included at the back of the Code.

Visit Municipal Code

Report an Issue

Citizens can log into the City of Salisbury's web application at to submit requests and complaints regarding issues such as missing road signs, pot holes, abandoned vehicles, city code infractions, illegal dumping, environmental health issues, ADA/accessibility, etc..

Report an Issue
Residential Action Program

Residential Rental Property Registration

This voluntary registration process will allow the City of Salisbury to provide timely email notification to keep property owners and managers aware of situations/disorder activity on their property.

To participate an owner, who is defined as the person, persons or legal entity that holds legal title to a Residential Rental Property must provide their name, business and personal contact information (no public or private post office boxes) and an email address.

Online Registration Form


Common Code Violations

Overgrown Grass/Overgrowth

overgrown grass

Pursuant to Sec. 14-8 of the City Code, it is unlawful for vacant or developed properties to become overgrown with grass or weeds. Grass may not exceed an average height of 10 inches, and undeveloped lots greater than 1 acre must be mowed or cleared within 100 feet of all boundaries. Quick Tip: Don’t forget to also mow the grass strip between the street and sidewalk!

Trash, Debris and Furniture

Trash a furniture piled in houses' front porch

Pursuant to Sec. 14-7 and 14-8 of the City Code, it is unlawful to accumulate trash and debris, which includes by not limited to old appliances, mattresses, or other household or yard rubbish. Quick Tip: Indoor furniture on the outside porch is a no-no!


Animal complaints or concerns are generally handled by Rowan County Animal Control at (704) 216-7768.

Add: Chickens are permitted within City limits as long as they are contained on the property. Roosters are not permitted.
Section 5-22 – Keeping of cattle, goats. It shall be unlawful for any person to locate, erect or maintain on any property within the corporate limits of the city a stable for housing cattle or goats unless the stable is located at least two hundred (200) feet from any residence. No more than one (1) head of cattle or one (1) goat shall be kept on a lot containing less than one (1) acre. More than one (1) head of cattle or one (1) goat but not more than two (2) head of cattle or two (2) goats per acre may be kept on lots containing one (1) acre or more. So much of the lot as may be set aside for the use of cattle or goats shall be completely enclosed.

Noise Complaints

Construction noise complaints can NOT be enforced between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. Excessive dog barking has no hour restrictions.
Barking Dogs:
Sec. 14-50. - Animals, birds. The keeping of any animal or bird which, by causing frequent or long continued noise, shall disturb the comfort and repose of any person in the vicinity shall be deemed to be unlawful and a violation of the provisions of this article.

Construction Noise:
Sec. 14-55. - Building construction. The erection, including excavating, demolition, alteration or repair of any building in a residential or business district, except emergency repair to utilities, is allowed only between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and Saturday. No work shall be permitted on Sunday. Any work performed outside of the stated hours shall be deemed to be unlawful and a violation of the provisions of this article.
Work may be permitted outside of the stated construction hours only in the case of urgent necessity that is in the interest of public safety, and then only with a permit from the city manager or his designee, which permit may be renewed for a period of three (3) days or less while the emergency continues.

Abandoned or Junked Vehicles

Sec. 13-277. - Definitions.
Abandoned vehicle is defined as authorized and defined in G.S. 160A-303 and is a vehicle that:
(1) Is left upon a public street or highway in violation of a law or ordinance prohibiting parking;
(2) Is left on a public street or highway for longer than seven (7) days;
(3) Is left on property owned or operated by the city for longer than twenty-four (24) hours; or
(4) Is left on private property without the consent of the owner, occupant, or lessee thereof for longer than two (2) hours.
Authorizing officials means the police department or the director of public services, respectively, designated to authorize the removal of vehicles under the provisions of this article.
Junked motor vehicle is defined as authorized and defined in G.S. 160A-303.2 and means a vehicle that does not display a current license plate lawfully upon that vehicle AND that:
(1) Is partially dismantled or wrecked; or
(2) Cannot be self-propelled or moved in the manner in which it was originally intended to move; or
(3) Is more than five (5) years old and appears to be worth less than one hundred dollars ($100.00).
Motor vehicle or vehicle means all machines designed or intended to travel over land by self-propulsion or while attached to any self-propelled vehicle.
Nuisance vehicle means a vehicle on public or private property that is determined and declared to be a health or safety hazard, a public nuisance, and unlawful, including a vehicle found to be:
(1) A breeding ground or harbor for mosquitoes, other insects, rats or other pests;
(2) A point of heavy growth of weeds or other noxious vegetation over eight (8) inches in height;
(3) A point of collection of pools or ponds of water;
(4) A point of concentration of quantities of gasoline, oil, or other flammable or explosive materials as evidenced by odor;
(5) One which has areas of confinement which cannot be operated from the inside, such as trunks, hoods, etc.;
(6) So situated or located that there is a danger of it falling or turning over;
(7) One which is a point of collection of garbage, food waste, animal waste, or any other rotten or putrescible matter of any kind;
(8) One which has sharp parts thereof which are jagged or contain sharp edges of metal or glass; or
(9) Any vehicle specifically declared contrary to public health, safety and welfare by the code services manager.

Minimum Housing

abandoned, boarded-up house in deteriorated condition
Municipal Code Ch. 10-3 Housing

The City of Salisbury regulates minimum housing standards to ensure that all housing opportunities in our city are safe, clean, and habitable – regardless of ownership status. In general, a deteriorated house is one that can, under normal circumstances, be repaired or rehabilitated because the repairs may be less than 50% of the value. A dilapidated house is one that may require significant repairs, or even demolition, because the repair costs exceed 50% of the value.

Mitigation of mold cannot be enforced through the Minimum Housing Ordinance, however, the SOURCE of mold (leaks, moisture) can be addressed.

Restricted Parking on Private Property

cars parked on the front lawn of small home

Sec. 13-161.1. - Parking restricted on private property.
(a) Parking for recreational vehicles, trailers, oversized commercial vehicles and boats shall be restricted to the rear yards in the residential districts of the city referred to in the LDO as UR, GR, HR, and TND districts.
(b) Parking on any surface other than a prepared surface, as defined by the LDO, in the front yard of a house building type is prohibited.


yard signs
LDO Ch. 12 Signs (PDF) LDO Ch. 12 Temporary Signs/Banners (PDF) 12.6 Sign Prohibitions: Unless specifically permitted elsewhere in this Ordinance, the following signs are prohibited:
A. Signs containing strobe lights or mirrors
B. Abandoned sign structures, as defined by this Ordinance
C. Signs placed on or painted on a motor vehicle or trailer that is parked, where the primary purpose of the vehicle is to advertise a product, service, or other activity
D. Signs that imitate or resemble official traffic lights, signs or signals or signs that interfere with the effectiveness of any official traffic light, sign or signal
E. Mechanically Moving Signs: An environmentally activated sign or other display with actual mechanical motion powered by natural, manual, mechanical, electrical or other means, including but not limited to pennant strings, streamers, spinners, propellers, and search lights
F. Flashing Signs – see Definitions. For the purposes of this Ordinance, a sign that has a change rate or dwell time of four (4) seconds or longer does not fit within this prohibition
G. Signs and other objects that are inflated, including, but not limited to, balloons. Balloons may be used in temporary non-commercial situations, including but not limited to special occasions at a residence
H. Roof Signs, which are not to be misconstrued with fascia signs on roof-like projections
I. Any sign which may be confused with, or obstruct the view of, any authorized traffic sign or signal, obstruct the sight-distance triangle at any road intersection or extend into the public right-of-way
J. Wheeled portable signs except as described under Temporary Signs below
K. Signs that prevent free ingress or egress from any door, window, fire escape, or that prevent free access from one part of a roof to any other part. No sign other than a safety sign shall be attached to a stand-pipe or fire escape
L. Signs that emit smoke, visible vapors, particles, sound, or odor. Open flames or high-intensity spot lights used to attract public attention may be permitted subject to issuance of a Special Sign Permit by the AMDC
M. Neon tubing, except when used inside the building

Land Use

LDO Ch. 2 Land Uses (PDF)

Examples of illegal land uses include operating a home-based business without a permit or operating a business in a prohibited zoning district.

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