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Film production in Salisbury is an economic development avenue in which we have not tapped fully. We have been lauded for our city’s dedication to historic preservation, which could lend itself to more of these projects. Commercial and film projects bring jobs and revenue to our community, which we think we all can agree is needed in Rowan County.

We invite residents and visitors to view important information on potential road closures, business closures, noise and other anticipated sounds below.


Concerns about outside film production are valid. In the past, the relationship between downtown business owners and crews was strained due to lack of communication and a lack of understanding between both groups. Early and frequent communication about motion picture productions in Salisbury attempts to combat these potential issues. Let’s focus on future projects and its potentially positive impact.

Contact Us

For questions about film productions:

City of Salisbury Communications
(704) 638-4460

Currently being scouted for filming locations in Salisbury:

  • Police StationBull pen, Office, Parking Lot
  • Abandoned, Dilapidated Home (1 or 2 Story) (safe to shoot in)
  • Studio Apartment/Condo: Open to updated or industrial options
  • Field: Park with a bench and woodsy area
  • Gym: Boxing Ring, Punching Bags
  • Parking lots of Big box store like BJ's/Sam's Club, Auto parts store
  • Promenade: Store fronts for an exterior shot

  • Homes: The homes we are looking to shoot in will be regular, middle-class houses. The characters are neighbors, so they can be next door to each other, across the street, have a home or two between them or be a few houses down from each other on opposite sides of the street.
  • middle-class neighborhood
  • can be older or newer homes
  • open to one or two levels or a split-level home
  • exterior material--any type
  • must have a garage with windows
  • needs to have a sliding glass door in the back or side of house
  • homes with basements are an option too
  • finished basements 
  • unfinished basements windows or no windows (either are fine)
  • exposed or enclosed stairwell
  • NOTE: we will build a false wall with drywall
  • We will use the inside and outside of the homes. Inside, we will shoot in the living room. kitchen, bedroom, den. Outside, we will shoot in the front, back and sides of the homes.
suburban house exteriorsuburban house exterior
Interested persons can email

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our most asked questions:
  • Typically, if the production is expected to close a business during regular business hours, producers sometimes have stated that compensation will be provided
  • Road closures and other impacts to businesses and residents will be communicated in advance via social media, this website and via Nixle. Click here to sign up for Nixle text message alerts:
  • Catering for Screen Actors Guild actors falls under a union contract. Unless your establishment is a union caterer, please understand that production food service has already been contracted. This does not mean that members of this group will not visit your establishment. Customer service and hospitality is still key for non-catered meals and snacks
  • Locals are encouraged to apply to one of the many “extras” parts, and our residents are also encouraged to “read” for parts in the film.

Road Closures

There are no current road closures for filming purposes. Closures are subject to change, please check for updates. 

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