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Bringing films to Salisbury is a new way to boost our economy! Our city has worked work to preserve historic neighborhoods and landmarks. This attracts producers who want to use Salisbury as a backdrop for their film. Film projects bring new jobs and money to our community. Salisbury and Rowan County will benefit from these projects.

Stay Informed

Residents and visitors can stay informed about upcoming films through this webpage. This includes:

  • filming location opportunities
  • casting call opportunities
  • street closures
  • business closures
  • noise and other anticipated sounds


Concerns about outside film production are valid. In the past, issues arose due to a lack of communication. The city will focus on early and frequent communication to prevent problems. Creating a good relationship between downtown business owners and crews is a priority. Let’s focus on future projects and the positive impact for Salisbury.

Contact Us

About filming in Salisbury:

City of Salisbury Communications
(704) 638-4460

Frequently Asked Questions

Will businesses be compensated if they close for production?

Typically, if the production is expected to close a business during regular business hours, producers sometimes have stated that compensation will be provided.

How do I find out about road closures due to a production?

Road closures and other impacts to businesses and residents will be communicated in advance via social media, this website and via Nixle. Click here to sign up for Nixle text message alerts:

Will the film production cater using local businesses?

This depends on whether a film is independent or part of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG).

Independent film productions, known as indies, can cater using local businesses.

Larger film productions are required to use unions. Specifically, catering for Screen Actors Guild actors falls under a union contract. Unless your establishment is a union caterer, please understand that production food service might already be contracted.

Either way, this does not mean that members of this group will not visit your establishment. The film production staff will occasionally dine outside the production venue. Customer service and hospitality is key for non-catered meals and snacks.

How can I be part of the film?

A film production has many opportunities for locals to participate. There could be casting opportunities for small parts, or as a background extra.There are also sometimes intern or production assistant opportunities available.

Road Closures

There are no current road closures for filming purposes. Closures are subject to change, please check back here for updates. 

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