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Lobby Closed

Effective Wednesday, November 4, 2020, the City Office Building's lobby is closed until further notice.

The office is available by appointment only by calling (704) 638-5208 or emailing We appreciate your understanding.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all employees and visitors will continue to utilize online or phone services as an alternative to face-to-face interactions at this time. Thank you for your patience as this may affect response time.

Land Development Ordinance

This Land Development Ordinance (LDO) seeks to implement the policy recommendations of the Salisbury Vision 2020 Comprehensive Plan as adopted by the Salisbury City Council on March 20, 2001. This document establishes the collective vision of how the citizens of Salisbury would like to have their city look and function by the year 2020.

View Land Development Ordinance

Construction Standards

The Construction Specifications in this manual generally refer to work located in the street right-ofway, utility easements and/or storm drainage easements. It is not the intent of the manual to specify how general construction on private property shall be performed.

View Construction Standards Manual

Municipal Code

The Municipal Code constitutes a complete recodification of the general and permanent ordinances of the City of Salisbury, North Carolina. This online document has chapters that have been conveniently arranged in alphabetical order and the various sections within each chapter have been catchlined to facilitate usage. A table listing the state law citations and setting forth their location within the Code is included at the back of the Code.

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Common Code Violations

Common Code Violations

Overgrown Grass/Overgrowth

overgrown grass

Pursuant to Sec. 14-8 of the City Code, it is unlawful for vacant or developed properties to become overgrown with grass or weeds. Grass may not exceed an average height of 10 inches, and undeveloped lots greater than 1 acre must be mowed or cleared within 100 feet of all boundaries. Quick Tip: Don’t forget to also mow the grass strip between the street and sidewalk!

Trash, Debris and Furniture

Trash a furniture piled in houses' front porch

Pursuant to Sec. 14-7 and 14-8 of the City Code, it is unlawful to accumulate trash and debris, which includes by not limited to old appliances, mattresses, or other household or yard rubbish. Quick Tip: Indoor furniture on the outside porch is a no-no!


Animal complaints or concerns are generally handled by Rowan County Animal Control at (704) 216-7768.

Abandoned or Junked Vehicles

abandoned vehicle on side of the street

Pursuant to Article 8 of the City Code, it is unlawful to allow abandoned or junked motor vehicles to remain on the street or private property. An abandoned vehicle is defined as: (1) [Being] left upon a public street or highway in violation of a law or ordinance prohibiting parking; (2) Is left on a public street or highway for longer than seven (7) days; (3) Is left on property owned or operated by the city for longer than twenty-four (24) hours; or (4) Is left on private property without the consent of the owner, occupant, or lessee thereof for longer than two (2) hours. A junked vehicle is defined as: (1) [Being] partially dismantled or wrecked; or (2) Cannot be self-propelled or moved in the manner in which it was originally intended to move; or (3) Is more than five (5) years old and appears to be worth less than one hundred dollars ($100.00 ).

Minimum Housing

abandoned, boarded-up house in deteriorated condition

The City of Salisbury regulates minimum housing standards to ensure that all housing opportunities in our city are safe, clean, and habitable – regardless of ownership status. In general, a deteriorated house is one that can, under normal circumstances, be repaired or rehabilitated because the repairs may be less than 50% of the value. A dilapidated house is one that may require significant repairs, or even demolition, because the repair costs exceed 50% of the value.

Illegal Parking

cars parked on the front lawn of small home

Pursuant to the Salisbury Land Development Ordinance, certain signs, parking situations, and land uses are unlawful in the City of Salisbury. Examples include illegal parking, such as: parking on your front lawn or blocking an alley.

Illegal Signs

yard signs

Pursuant to the Salisbury Land Development Ordinance, certain signs, parking situations, and land uses are unlawful in the City of Salisbury. Examples include illegal signs, such as: miscellaneous signs in the right-of-way or temporary banners erected without a permit.

Illegal Land Uses

Pursuant to the Salisbury Land Development Ordinance, certain signs, parking situations, and land uses are unlawful in the City of Salisbury. Examples include illegal land uses, such as: operating a home-based business without a permit or operating a business in a prohibited zoning district.

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