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Crime Report

Infographic (PDF)

Part 1 Crimes Year-to-Date

(January 1 - June 30 2018 compared to January 1 - June 30 2019)
Crime Group Crime Category 2018 2019 % Change
Person Crime Homicide 1 4 -75%
Rape 4 6 -33%
Commercial Robbery 4 15 -73%
Individual Robbery 20 27 -26%
Aggravated Assault 64 68 -6%
     Assault Dangerous Weapon (Gun) 12 25 -52%
     Shooting Into Occupied Dwelling 12 17 -29%
Total 93 120 -23%
Property Crime Commercial Burglary 22 36 -39%
Residential Burglary 75 118 -36%
Auto Theft 22 36 -39%
Larceny 382 434 -12%
Larceny From Motor Vehicle 188 177 +6%
Total 689 801 -14%
Total Part 1 Crimes YTD 782 921 -15%
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Public Safety Partnership

What is the National Public Safety Partnership?

The National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) provides an innovative framework for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to enhance its support of state, local and tribal law enforcement and prosecution authorities in aggressively investigating and prosecuting violent criminals. The PSP serves as a DOJ-wide program that enables cities to consult with and receive coordinated training and technical assistance (and an array of resources) from DOJ to support violence reduction strategies. Under the PSP, your city has been identified as a ‘Diagnostic Site’ and will work with the PSP Diagnostic Team to refine and implement violence reduction strategies to combat violent crime and enhance officer safety.

As a Diagnostic Site, how will my city reduce violent crime?

Reducing violent crime is a complex problem that requires comprehensive and collaborative strategies. Through the PSP initiative, the PSP Diagnostic Team will help your city refine and implement violence reduction strategies to combat violent crime and support officer safety. The diagnostic approach will include:

  • Stakeholder and relationship building
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Governance structure and program management
  • Action plan development and evaluation
  • Capacity building
  • Community engagement and buy-in

Salisbury, North Carolina is one of 9 diagnostic sites, along with Baton Rouge, LA, Buffalo, NY, Cincinnati, OH, Houston, TX, Jackson, TN, Lansing, MI, Saginaw, MI and Springfield, IL.

2019-2024 SPD Strategic Plan

In 2018, the SPD was accepted as a Department of Justice – Public Safety Partnership Diagnostic Site. Under this program the department was inventoried by an external group of Law Enforcement professionals. This review resulted in a plan of action to assist the department in addressing violent crime within the Salisbury community. The report recommendations have been incorporated into this strategic plan and is a significant part of what we desire to achieve. As a result, five internal strategic goals were developed by the Salisbury Police Department. These goals are:

  1. Improve Collaboration with External Partners and Stakeholders
  2. Improve Communication and Coordination within the SPD
  3. Enhance Investigation and Intelligence Operations
  4. Improve Training and Professional Development for the SPD Staff
  5. Maintain a Quality Sworn and Civilian Workforce

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The Salisbury Police Department (SPD) is currently 100% staffed with 81 positions.

This includes 72 sworn staff, 6 FTO recruits, and 5 BLET recruits. There are 4 over hire positions, 2 of which are filled.

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The department was accredited by CALEA in 2017, covering the period of 2014-2016.

The SPD is currently working towards the next Accrediting Cycle Review in 2020 and is on track for successful completion.

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Rumor Control

If you hear rumors in the Salisbury community, check on the City's rumor page to see the actual facts.

Visit Rumor Control

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