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Residential and business curbside recycling collection is provided through a contractual agreement with Waste Management.

Automated trucks are used to collect your recycling and recycling collection occurs every other week on the same day as your garbage collection.

To learn more about your recycling service, please visit the Waste Management website​ where you can find more information about what you can recycle and what your route schedule looks like.

DC37qhsXkAAgDWV.jpgNew Recycling Bins!
Recycling changes are coming! 

Watch out for your new Waste Management recycling bin (they will be green).

Remember to put out your old bin at the curb so it can be picked up.

Recycling Contract Change FAQs:

1. Why did the city change recycling contractors?
The City of Salisbury recently signed a 3-year contract with Waste Management to continue Salisbury’s recycling program. 

2. Will I have to pay extra for my recycling pickup?
No. There will not be an increase in fees due to the contractor change. 

3. Will our routes finally become weekly instead of bi-weekly?
Recycling routes will continue to run bi-weekly. 

4. Will I have to do anything differently?
Minus the timing challenges with the collection of old bins and delivery of the new bins, we do not expect a noticeable change in service for recycling collection.  

5. When will my new bin arrive?
Your new, yellow and green bins should arrive sometime this week or next week. Please contact public services if you do not receive your new WM recycling bin by Friday, June 30 at 704-638-5260.

6. What do I do with my old bin?
Your old, blue bin should be collected this week or next week. So that you do not miss the pickup, please put your blue recycling bin at the curb now and leave it there.

7. Will you service businesses?
If a business is able to manage a recycling bin like a residential home, you are able to receive recycling services. Please contact 704-638-5260 to sign up and for more details. 

8. May I order a second bin?
Yes. Additional bins can be ordered for an additional cost. Please contact 704-638-5260 to order the second bin.

9. I have never had a recycling bin/My recycling bin was stolen. Will I receive a new bin?
Yes. Every resident in the city limits will receive a new recycling bin.

10. What items can I recycle?
Accepted Items include: Office and school papers, catalogues, brown paper bags, junk mail, glass bottles and jars (brown, clear, green and blue), plastic bottles / containers, magazines and newspapers, aluminum foil and food trays, cans (steel, tin and aluminum), phone books, corrugated cardboard and box and paper board.

11. What items can’t be recycled?
Unaccepted items include: broken / sharp glass, food, yard waste, scrap metal, frozen food containers, ceramic materials, hazardous items, non-recyclable plastics, plastic trash bags, cloth / clothing, shredded paper, liquids, loose plastic bags and package wrap or any soiled items.  ​

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