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Ch. 12: Local and Regional Partnerships

Salisbury will be a community which thrives when engaged in strong local and regional partnerships, collaboration among citizens, the business community, local educational institutions, non-profits and governments – both in and outside of Rowan County to bolster the City’s opportunities for success.

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Forward 2040 Chapter 12: Local and Regional Partnerships

Good planning is a coordinated effort. Many policies throughout the Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan address the need to build partnerships in order to accomplish goals. The purpose of this chapter is to identify key partners to implement the plan and to create additional goals to stimulate civic participation, including membership on City boards and commissions and public participation in planning processes. 

Goal 12.1. Promote partnerships to achieve goals of the Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Building partnerships between the City and other jurisdictions, Rowan County, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, and residents is crucial to achieve the goals laid out in this document. Especially as Salisbury grows, it is important to work with Rowan County and adjacent jurisdictions to identify growth boundaries, create annexation agreements, and partner in economic development agreements. Supporting the schools within the Rowan Salisbury School System and local colleges is also an important factor in the long-term success of the City.

Policy 12.1.1. 

Ensure coordination between the City and neighboring jurisdictions in development along shared corridors linking the jurisdictions. 

Policy 12.1.2. 

Work with other governments in Rowan County and along the I-85 corridor to grow and sustain our communities while maintaining our unique identities.

Policy 12.1.3. 

Partner with local, state, and regional organizations to develop economic development programs.

Policy 12.1.4. 

Encourage increased cooperation and partnerships between local colleges and universities and the surrounding neighborhood. 

Policy 12.1.5. 

Work with key partners to complete short-term actions, as outlined in Chapter 13: Implementation.
Partnerships Action 1:
Work with Rowan County and neighboring jurisdictions to identify future growth boundaries and create annexation policies.
Key Partners
Managed Growth, Future Land Use, and Transportation
  • Rowan County 
  • Town of Spencer
  • Town of East Spencer
  • Town of Granite Quarry
  • Cabarrus-Rowan MPO
  • Centralina Regional Council
  • Amtrak
  • NC Department of Transportation
  • Mid-Carolina Regional Airport 
Thriving Neighborhoods and Quality Housing
  • Salisbury Community Development Corporation
  • Salisbury Housing Authority
  • Rowan County United Way
  • Rowan Helping Ministries
  • Salisbury-Rowan Community Action Agency
Sustainable Natural Environment and Healthy Community
  • Rowan County
  • Carolina Thread Trail
  • Town of Spencer
  • Catawba College
  • Novant Health
  • W.G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center
Vibrant Community Atmosphere, Historic Preservation, and Unique Downtown
  • Historic Salisbury Foundation
  • Downtown Salisbury, Incorporated
  • Rowan County Tourism Development Authority
  • Rowan Arts Council
Economic and Workforce Development
  • Rowan Salisbury School System
  • Livingstone College
  • Catawba College
  • Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
  • Economic Development Commission

Goal 12.2. Reinvigorate civic engagement in neighborhood associations and other groups to ensure all voices are heard

Most communities in America make strategic planning decisions along a fairly conventional planning board-city council continuum of advise and decide. By contrast, Salisbury taps into the community’s collective energies and expertise by formally harnessing more than a dozen boards and commissions, each of which has tangible formal authority to weigh in on critical matters ranging from housing standards to land use regulations and architectural guidelines and encouraging neighborhood groups through the Neighborhood Leaders’ Alliance. This Salisbury “norm” of formally pulling together many parts of the community is uncommon and valuable. 

Policy 12.2.1. 

Encourage involvement from people of all walks of life who live or work in all areas of the City.

Policy 12.2.2.

Seek ways to celebrate and thank community members and their involvement and participation on City boards and commissions. 

Policy 12.2.3.

Identify and eliminate barriers to public engagement, community meetings, and other resident participation methods. 

Policy 12.2.4.

Encourage neighborhood groups and coalitions that facilitate coordination in the planning process and articulate neighborhood views.
Partnerships Action 2:
Develop a neighborhood group registration process to have record of active groups in the City. 

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