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City Events

Public Art Committee

Linda McElroy 0 994

The Public Art Committee (PAC) was formed in 2003 to celebrate the City’s history and culture through public art in the downtown, including the Salisbury Sculpture Show, History and Art Trail and the Art in Public Spaces program. 

The Public Art Committee meets at One Water Street at 11:30 a.m.


Community Classroom: Traffic Stops

Police 0 259
Community Classroom is an interactive educational session for citizens, age 16 and up, which is taught by local police officers. The sessions are designed to provide education and insight into the various aspects of police work specific to the Salisbury community. This classroom will focus on police-citizen interactions during traffic stops.

Salisbury Neighborhood Action Group (SNAG)

SPD 0 12259
The Salisbury Police Department hosts a monthly Salisbury Neighborhood Action Group (SNAG) meeting. At these meetings, citizens will hear monthly updates concerning drug investigations, criminal investigations, and code enforcement issues.

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