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Salisbury Fire Department Announces Ambulance Addition to Vehicle Fleet

Salisbury Fire Department Announces Ambulance Addition to Vehicle Fleet
SALISBURY, N.C., July 6, 2016 -- Salisbury Fire Chief Bob Parnell is pleased to announce the addition to its vehicle fleet a 2008 ambulance. In November 2015, the ambulance was declared surplus and donated by Rowan County to the Salisbury Fire Department. The ambulance is an additional resource for the department to continue to provide rapid, compassionate and professional services to our citizens.


The ambulance will complement current fire department companies and personnel at structural fires and other emergency responses, also stand-by’s such as downtown events, parades, work details and recreational events. The ambulance is themed in conjunction with the departments’ upcoming 200th anniversary in 2017.

The ambulance body has a new wrap which highlights the department anniversary in 2017 with the hashtag #SFD200, the downtown Salisbury skyline featuring The Bell Tower, The Plaza and The Washington Building. Prior to Rowan County taking over the ambulance service for the county in 1984, the Salisbury Fire Department staffed a busy ambulance called Emergency One from 1978 to 1985.

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