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Stay Alert and Stay Safe!

Stay Alert and Stay Safe!

October is National Crime Prevention Month

The Salisbury Police Department recognizes October as National Crime Prevention Month and Domestic Violence Prevention Month by sharing a list of helpful tips to keep residents safe:

  • Lock It, Take It, Lose It: Be sure to lock your car doors and take valuables with you when you can, or risk losing items to thieves who look for easy opportunities to steal.
  • Avoid Phone Scams: Legitimate businesses will never ask you to pay a bill or deposit with gift cards. Don’t deposit unsolicited checks into to your bank account if the person requests that you withdraw the funds immediately to send to another person.
  • Safe Exchange Zones: There are two Safe Exchange Zones in front of the Police Station at 130 E. Liberty St. These two, 30-minute parking spaces to allow residents to conduct online purchase transactions in an environment more heavily patrolled by law enforcement.
Recognizing the signs of domestic violence: Domestic violence affects all people regardless of race, economic status, gender, or orientation. The red flags and warning signs of an abuser are jealousy, possessiveness, extremely controlling behaviors and blaming and demeaning the victim. The national hotline number is (800) 799-7233
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