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Grant Applications Closed

Grant applications are currently closed and will reopen in July 2023.

The Innes Street Improvement Grant assists property and business owners within the Innes Street Improvement District with enhancements to building façades, landscapes, driveways, and parking lots. These projects can range from minor repairs and repainting to substantial façade and landscape rehabilitation projects and the installation of new pedestrian amenities such as outdoor seating, planters, awnings, café fences, and lighting.

Applications may be submitted at any time but funds are limited each year (starting July 1). Submitting an application does not guarantee that the grant will be awarded. Grants are awarded for eligible projects by the Salisbury Community Appearance Commission (CAC) as funds are available. The grant is typically awarded on a 50/50 matching basis with a maximum City participation of $5,000.00 per project. This is a reimbursement grant. Funds are issued at the completion and final inspection and approval of the project.

All proposed projects must be reviewed and approved by the CAC before any work has begun in order to be eligible for the grant. The CAC reserves the right to accept or reject any request and/or require modifications deemed appropriate to meet the guidelines. The CAC will not promote or reward poor design and execution, inappropriate alterations, etc.

The MSD Incentive Grant and the Innes Street Improvement Grant are very similar programs. Your eligibility for one or the other depends on the location of your property. A small number of property or business owners may be eligible for both, but may not receive funding through both. If this circumstance applies to you, please contact the Planner for guidance.

Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review the grant guidelines before submitting an application.

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