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Main Street Plan

In summer 2019 the City of Salisbury hired McAdams, a professional engineering and design firm, to design plans to improve the safety, mobility and appearance of a 10 block section of Main Street. This project is in the stage of receiving community feedback on the plans for restriping and the opportunity to change the lanes and parking angles on Main Street. There are two stages of this project:

  1. Downtown Striping Plan - Restriping plan in preparation of NCDOT repaving Main Street in Summer 2021.
  2. Downtown Main Street Plan - Vision plan for sidewalk and parking improvements.

Presentation to City Council 2021

Recommended Transitional Striping Plan and Streetscape Plan

Council Presentation (PDF)

Purpose of Main Street Plan

Infrastructure Improvements

Such as: pavement, sidewalks, curb and gutter, bump outs, storm sewer system and lighting.


Alley appearance, lighting and security.






Pedestrian crossings/crosswalks.


Ensuring streetscape sustainability.


Improving the street landscaping.


Promote sidewalk activity and economic vitality.


Provide safe pedestrian movement.


Ensuring safety for pedestrians, drivers and vehicles.

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